Auction Services

DALINGTON Auction House Network gives clients a multiple marketing coverage with our strategic link up with London Auction Houses, we take care of the whole process when it comes to selling by ONLINE Auctions or ‘In the Room’ TRADITIONAL Auctions.  So if you are looking for a rapid sale and need results, then the auction method could be suitable for you.


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Our ONLINE auction style sales are more flexible opposed to ‘In The Room’ Traditional Auctions.  Online Auction style sales attracts vast amounts of viewers as the ‘GUIDE PRICE’ is set lower than other ‘ASKING PRICES’, which in turn attracts more interest for the property and channels a response from buyers to be made by a set date.  Our Online Auctions style sales are when buyers bid/offer on properties online, if the bid/offer meets the sellers ‘Acceptable’ price by the set date, then the buyer has an opportunity to sign terms of business and pay a NON-REFUNDABLE reservation fee, the reservation fee goes towards the buyers final purchase price, the buyer then has 28 days to exchange contracts and pay the normal 10% deposit at which point the transaction becomes legally binding and a further 28 days for completion, so giving 56 days in total for the transaction instead of the 28 days when selling through the traditional ‘In The Room’ auction route.

Our Traditional ‘In the Room’ Auction Sales are carried out in association with selected London Auction Houses to give sellers a multiple coverage, this method is also extremely popular, the sale becomes binding on the fall of the hammer where the buyer then pays a 10% deposit with a 28 day completion period.


Our Standard Fee Structure for Auction, Commercial & Investment sales is as follows:

SOLE AGENCY 2.5%  Plus VAT (3.0% Including VAT)

Call our Auction Team on 020 7183 3637 for further information.



Energy Performance Certificate

When you market your property for sale or rental an Energy Performance Certificate is required. You can order your residential EPC for £75 by clicking here.